If all the rain was...

Would the doctor care for a brandy before retiring? …
Some varm milk... perhaps?
NOTHING! Thank you....

I happen to be a hardcore Mel Brooks fan, and a complete nerd in general. I laugh too much, sing constantly, and will always be blunt, mainly because, life's too short to hold back. I love to be me and all that jazz!

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I have no idea who this woman is, but I love her.

Correction: This fine dame is called Sarah Millican

“The rest of this better be a f***ing equation”. Amazing.

(Starting everyone off with something lighthearted on this rainy Monday - hope you had a great weekend!)

Sarah Millican’s stand up is like the most perfect female stand up, I’ve never agreed with anyone more :’)

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"Black is black, I want my baby back" -Los Bravos

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Why i am not allowed to have children

Why i am not allowed to have children

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  • new marvel fans: hi im new here
  • old marvel fans: wow you must be a poser then
  • new tolkien fans: hi im new here
  • old tolkien fans: you're one of us now. you cant turn back.
  • new marvel fans: wow these actors sure are hot
  • old marvel fans: you're only here for the hot guys, you must be a poser
  • new tolkien fans: wow these actors sure are hot
  • old tolkien fans: now you've got the right idea
  • new marvel fans: i didn't read the comics
  • old marvel fans: poser
  • new tolkien fans: i didn't read the books
  • old tolkien fans: it's ok some people just dont have time for that but you should try one day
  • new mavel fans: i am going to make a cosplay
  • old marvel fans: you just want attention
  • new tolkien fans: i am going to make a cosplay
  • old tolkien fans: oh we dont cosplay in this fandom. we embrace our true forms
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The sort of father I will strive to be.

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  • Mom: If you were going to kill someone, what weapon would you choose?
  • Me: A dull knife.
  • Dad: Why a dull knife?
  • Me: You want to really mess someone up and make it painful? Use a dull knife. Sure, it's going to take a bit more effort, but it isn't going to cut. It's going to rip. It'll be painful, and if they survive the healing process will be a lot more difficult and painful. A dull knife expresses more anger than a sharp knife. A sharp knife is kind of the nice guy murdering tool, but if I'm going to kill someone I'm going to assume that I have finally snapped so I'd go for something painful and vicious.
  • Mom: We've raised a potential serial killer.
  • Dad: I don't know about you, but I'm proud of the amount of thought that went into that.
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